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Dress Standards for Formal Dances

Ponderosa offers a variety of dances throughout the school year for students to enjoy,
and most dances require a specific dress code.  Anyone not conforming to dress standards or dance procedures and general guidelines will not be admitted.

Prom is a school function and school rules apply.  Ponderosa prides itself on our student’s ability to conduct themselves appropriately off campus.

While many schools are canceling school events, such as prom, or holding prom in the school gym, we are allowed to experience a truly memorable adult evening away from school. Please help ensure that future students enjoy the same privilege.

If there are any questions, consult Administration prior to the day of the event.
Dress Standards for Gentlemen

Dress Standards for Gentlemen

  • Tuxedos or Suits (must be in good taste, No Zoot Suits allowed)
  • Dress Shoes or polished boots (no tennis shoes)
  • Shirts with collars or stand up collars (shirts must remain on at all times)
  • No jeans, khaki’s, T-shirts, canes, chains, or athletic shoes allowed
  • Hats / head coverings are not permitted
Dress Standards for Ladies

Dress Standards for Ladies

  • Formal Dresses, in good taste and appropriate (No over exposure and not shorter than mid-thigh length.)
  • Backless may not go beyond center line, No lower than the waist
  • Entire front midriff must be covered, no see-through fabric, no cut-outs exposing the skin from the front view.
  • Dress shoes (No athletic shoes, slippers, flip-flops)
  • No kerchief style tops
  • No plunging neckline, No extreme cleavage
  • No tube top and skirt combinations
Prom Information Survival Guide

Prom Information Survival Guide

Ticket Information
  • All finance and library fines must be paid / cleared in advance of purchasing a ticket.
  • Ticket prices include dinner, open drink station and dancing.
  • All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges are allowed. Identification is verified before entering the prom.
  • Guest passes require the signatures of your parent / guardian, your Assistant Principal, and an Administrator from your guest's school. A separate guest pass is required for guests over 20 years of age. Consult the Assistant Principal's office.
  • When you purchase your ticket, you must indicate your menu selection.
  • Only juniors or seniors are allowed to purchase tickets. Underclassmen may come as a guest, but are not allowed to purchase tickets.
Seating Information
  • You will receive a seating ticket and a seating form when you purchase your ticket.
  • You need to find a group (no larger than 10) to sit at a table. Have one person fill out the seating form and collect the tickets from the group.
  • Take your completed form to the prom seating table outside the student store.
  • Tables are assigned first come first served. Groups less than 10 will be combined to form groups of 10. Failure to complete a seating form will result in being assigned a table. No changes to your table arrangements will be made once your form is turned in.
  • Info Pending
  • Photos are located inside the prom area and are available from 5 pm until the last announcement is made.
  • Pictures will not be open during dinner (6:45 - 7:45 pm)
Check-In at the Dance
  • When you arrive at the dance you must pass the dress code inspection.
  • When you have passed the inspection, proceed to the check-in table located in the main ballroom. Here, you will need to show your:
    • Tickets
    • ID card for PHS students, Photo ID for guests
    • Guest pass if you're bringing an off campus guest.
  • Upon checking in, you will receive your meal ticket and a prom voting ballot.
  • Remember, there are no exchanges or refunds on ticket sales.
Dinner Choices
  • Pending
  • An open beverage station is available during the dance with water, sodas and fruit drinks.