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Aeries Parent/Student Portal

Creating Your Portal Account

Creating Your Portal Account

New Accounts: To create a new account, please refer to your summer mailer for the primary phone, student ID, and unique verification passcode.  This information can be used to create a PARENT PORTAL & STUDENT PORTAL. All other students/parents must contact Mrs. Dreher to receive the unique passcode.  YOU CANNOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT WITHOUT THE VERIFICATION PASSCODE. Then visit the website, select "Create New Account," and follow the steps.

  • Instructions for creating a new account. (PDF)
  • Instruciones cuenta porgal para Padres/Estudiantes. (PDF)
Aeries FAQs

Aeries FAQs

Q1) My student has their own account so why should I create a parent portal account?
Answer: With an Aeries parent portal account, parents have access to their student's grades, attendance, and links to contact their student's teachers.  Teachers update student grades frequently as well as letting students know about missed assignments.  This is a way for parents to always "stay in the know" of what is going on with their students academically.  Most importantly, a parent portal is the only way to see your student's quarterly, semester, and final grades.  
Q2) What do I do if I need to change contact information on my student's Aeries account? 
Answer: Parents have access to their own CONTACTS page where they can add emergency contacts.  Plus updates to contact numbers and emails.  However, if primary contact info (email, address, phone) needs to be changed, parent/guardian MUST contact our registrar Ms. Driscoll ext. 2226 to make those changes.  Parents DO NOT have access to the main Demographic screen.  

Q3) What if the email I used to create my parent portal is no longer working?
Answer:  If a parent has changed their email from the one they originally used to create the parent portal, please contact the counseling secretary Mrs. Dreher ext. 2225 with the new email address.  Ms. Smith will have access to replace your old email with your new email, then you will be able to access your parent portal.
Q4) Can I use my phone to create my Aeries account? 
Answer: No - parents/students must create their accounts on a computer.  Once they have created the account and gone through all the steps, then parents/students can download the Aeries app and access on their phone/tablet.
Q5) Where is my Student Emergency Card located? I have looked through each of the data confirmation tabs and do not see the Emergency Card.  
Answer: If you have confirmed all the documents and permissions on the 6th tab - "Final data Confirmation", you should see a message in red that says, "Thank you for confirming the student data in the system." You will need to click the boxes below to confirm. 

If you receive the following message, "You cannot perform final data confirmation," you have not checked all the boxes and saved authorizations. Please scroll through each tab to the bottom to confirm each item has been selected and saved. If you are still unable to complete the updates and print information, please come to the Counseling Office/Career Center, as we have computers set up to be able to assist you.