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PHS Foundation

Ponderosa Foundation
The Ponderosa High School (PHS) Foundation was established in January 2004 by a group of caring community members.  Our goal is to be able to make philanthropic giving as effective as possible.  We are a public charity.  Our common vision is to enhance the quality of education for the students at Ponderosa High School.
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The primary objectives and purposes of this corporation shall be to raise funds to support and promote the enhancement of education at Ponderosa High School through enrichment and development of programs, the improvement of the physical plant, the support of student's activities, and the recognition of achievements.


Avis Jolly- President & Social Media Co-Chair
Kris Fuchs - Vice President. Fundraising Chair & Pondo Pathway Co-Chair
Jilla Fishman - Treasurer & Webmaster 
Diane Williams - Secretary & Grants Chair
Matt Thomas - Director & Staff Representative
Jennifer Cartinella- Director & Scholarship Chair
Niki Garrison- Director
Kris Meyer- Director & Donations Chair
Tamera Peeters- Director
Jennifer Seeley- Director, Social Media Co-Chair, & Pondo Pathway Co-Chair
Marcia Stumpf- Director
Anna Wyllie- Director & Amazon Gifting for Teachers Chair
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For Foundation questions contact us via email at 
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