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ID / ASB Cards

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You will need a current Ponderosa photo ID card or photo ASB card for the following:
  • to ride the school bus
  • to use the library services
  • to purchase dance tickets
  • to get the student prices at sporting events

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School photo days occur during the first week of school.  ID Cards will be available for pickup during the second week of school, assuming the student attends photo day.  This will be announced daily as well as published in the Daily Bulletin.

Every student is issued a temporary ID card during the pictures days in August.  This paper ID card is only valid until the permanent photo ID cards are available.  Pick up your hard plastic photo ID card at the student store.  These cards are available for free for two weeks, then a $10 fee is added to make an ID card on site.

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The Associated Student Body Card (ASB) is another way to have a photo ID card.  For a fee of $25, the ASB card allows you free entrance to all non-playoff PHS home sporting events (a savings of $6 every event), a reduction in dance ticket costs, and other student activity discounts.  More than $300 can be saved by buying this card!  All money collected from the sale of ASB card remains on campus and is spent on behalf of students by Student Council.  Buy the ASB card at the student store during lunch.

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If an ID card or ASB card is lost, damaged or stolen, a replacement card can be ordered at the student store for a $10 fee.  Please allow three days for the card to be made.  Order forms are available at the student store or front office counter.

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When you register at the Counseling Office, you will receive an ID card form to take to Ms. Petersen in during your lunch.  He will take your picture and produce an ID card for you.  If you want to upgrade to an ASB card, a $25 fee allows you the benefits of the ASB card!