Dress Standards for Semi-Formal Dances

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Ponderosa offers a variety of dances throughout the school year for students to enjoy, and most dances require a specific dress code.  Anyone not conforming to dress standards or dance procedures and general guidelines will not be admitted.

If there are any questions, consult Administration prior to the day of the event.

Dress Standards for GuysGo To Top of Page

  • Dress pants or khaki's (i.e., Dockers, etc.)
  • Button-up Dress Shirt with collar (shirt must remain on at all times)
  • Ties, Vests, or Suspenders required (must be in good taste)
  • Dress shoes or appropriate dress tennis shoes
  • Hats / head coverings are not permitted

Dress Standards for GirlsGo To Top of Page

  • Dresses in good taste and appropriate for a semi-formal event
  • Strapless okay
  • Dress length must be at least mid-thigh.  A good measure is the dress must be at least finger length when your arms are at your sides with your shoulders relaxed.
  • Backless may not go beyond center line, NO lower than the waist, no cut-outs exposing skin from the front view.
  • Entire front midriff must be covered, no see-through fabric
  • NO kerchief style tops
  • NO plunging neckline, NO extreme cleavage
  • Dress shoes or appropriate dress tennis shoes

Dance Procedures and General GuidelinesGo To Top of Page

  1. Picture ID (student ID/ASB card) will be required by all students and guests (ID card/Driver's License) to enter the dance.
  2. Time regulations.
    1. Students attending the dance will be admitted no later than 9:00 pm.
    2. If a student knows he/she will be later than the posted time, prior arrangements must be made with the administration.
    3. Pictures start in the small gym at 6:30 pm.  You must show your ticket to get pictures.
    4. The dance starts at 7:00 pm and ends at 10:00 pm.
  3. No Back-to-Front dancing.  You must face your partner at all times.
  4. There must be at least 1 hands distance (approximately 6 inches) between partners except for slow dancing.
  5. Partners may slow dance in a "hug" position; however, this must be appropriate.
  6. No body parts other than feet may be touching the dance floor.
  7. No wrapping of one's legs around another person.
  8. No grinding, touching, or rubbing another person in a distasteful manner.
  9. No moshing or body surfing at any time.
  10. No glow stick mouth wafers allowed (potential choking hazard).

Read This!Go To Top of Page

Students will receive a wristband at the door.  If the dance policy is violated, the wristband will be removed constituting your one and only warning.  Any future violations will result in your removal from the dance and you will lose the privilege of attending the next two dances.