Ponderosa High School

Dance Policy

Dance Policy
All participants will receive a wristband at the door (different from your ticket).  If you fail to adhere to the dance policy, your wristband will be removed (your one and only warning).  If you are caught violating the policy again, you will be removed from this dance, receive disciplinary consequences, and forfeit the opportunity of attending the next two dances (including prom!).

Remember, this is a school event and school rules apply to all participants.

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  1. No front to back dancing; you must face your partner at all times.
  2. When facing your partner, at least a hands distance must separate partners.
  3. Partners may slow dance in a hug position; however this must be appropriate.
  4. No body parts, other than feet, may be touching the dance floor.
  5. No wrapping of one’s legs around another person.
  6. No grinding, touching, or rubbing another person in a distasteful manner.
  7. No moshing or body surfing at any time.
  8. No glow stick mouth wafers allowed (potential choking hazard).
All attendees of the dance are subject to random alcohol screening.