Ponderosa High School’s mission is to create and maintain outstanding educational programs that focus on the individual student in the classroom and to provide all students with the opportunity to develop their academic, aesthetic, and social talents.  Students acquire an appreciation of their own culture as well as other cultures as they work to become responsible and productive citizens.
Ponderosa High School’s Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) provide the framework for student success. The combination of challenging, standards-based curriculum and effective and rigorous teaching strategies prepare Ponderosa graduates for life after high school.
Ponderosa graduating seniors will be:

Self-Directed, Reflective Learners who:

  • Analyze and apply pertinent information from multiple sources for problem solving and decision-making.
  • Apply new ideas, concepts, and strategies
  • Exhibit self-discipline and personal responsibility by working efficiently, independently, and cooperatively to complete tasks by deadline

Effective Communicators who:

  • Read various texts with comprehension and interpret and apply knowledge gained.
  • Write and speak clearly and effectively for an intended purpose and audience.
  • Actively Listen and respond appropriately

Collaborative, Respectful Citizens who:

  • Exhibit respectful and appropriate interactions
  • Actively engage in and contribute to their school and community

Technologically Literate Individuals who:

  • Use technology to access, present, and exchange information to accomplish curricular goals.
  • Develop technology skills necessary for transition to postsecondary education or the workplace