Ponderosa High School


Ponderosa High School’s mission is to support students as they excel in their chosen endeavors and develop pride in their academics, maintain integrity and honor in their character, and embody a spirit of service on campus and in the community. Ponderosa is committed to creating and maintaining outstanding educational programs to foster student development and exploration.  

Ponderosa's Schoolwide Learner Outcomes are built around this same Pride Honor Spirit:
Ponderosa. How to be a Bruin. I will take pride and ownership of my academic development and learning by being productive in class and an actice present learner, being able to analyze information from multiple sources, being self directed and reflectice in my studies with a goal for the future, working efficiently, independently and cooperatively, completing tasks in a punctual and efficient manner. I will demonstrate honor and have integrity by helping others through kindness and empathy, being a positive rolemodel, showing grit and determination and maintaining a positive attitude, showing respectful treatment of myself, others and my environment, being creative, reflective and engaged. I will support the spirit of all and promote positivity by advocating for those whose voice is not heard, communicating with my peeers and adults in an appropriate manner, celebrating success and sharing appreciation, making everyone on our campus feel welcome, engaging with our school, other students, and our community.