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New Accounts: To create a new account, please register to your summer mailing for the access codes needed. Then visit the http://parent.eduhsd.k12.ca.us website, select "Create New Account," and follow the steps.

  • Instructions for creating a new account. (PDF)
  • Instruciones cuenta porgal para Padres/Estudiantes. (PDF)

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Q1) I cannot connect my student to my AERIES account? I created a username and password and when I login it asks for my student's verification information and it says it is incorrect.  
Answer: You must log into the site from our District's AERIES login page: http://parent.eduhsd.k12.ca.us (Do not do a Google search for AERIES).  
If you are using the correct website and it still says the "verification information is incorrect", please contact the Counseling Office Secretary at (530) 677-2281 ext. 2226 to confirm your student's verification code.  
Q2) Do I need to enter my student's verification code information each time?  
Answer: If you entered it in one time and confirmed your student, they will be listed in the top right corner under "Change Student". You should be able to click on your student and then on "Student Info" to access the "Data Confirmation" tab.  

Q3) Where is the Data Confirmation tab? 
Answer:  If you do not see "Data Confirmation", please email the Registrar
( mburghardt@eduhsd.net )  with your email address and she will delete that student account so you can use that email address to create a new parent account. Or you may use another email address to create a parent account.  
Q4) How do I view documents that are Pop Up Blocked? When I click on a document to view/print the document does not appear or a message appears next to the URL address regarding a "Pop up Blocker".  
Answer: You will need to click "Allow Pop Ups" for this site in order for the document to appear. You may need to click on the document again after you have allowed this permission.  
Q5) Where is my Student Emergency Card located? I have looked through each of the data confirmation tabs and do not see the Emergency Card.  
Answer: If you have confirmed all the documents and permissions on the 6th tab - "Final data Confirmation", you should see a message in red that says, "Thank you for confirming the student data in the system." You will need to click the boxes below to confirm. 

If you receive the following message, "You cannot perform final data confirmation," you have not checked all the boxes and saved authorizations. Please scroll through each tab to the bottom to confirm each item has been selected and saved. If you are still unable to complete the updates and print information, please come to the Counseling Office/Career Center, as we have computers set up to be able to assist you.