Ponderosa High School


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  • Fundraising is coordinated through the ASB Activities Office.
  • Please contact Amanda Petersen with any questions.
  • All clubs, sports, and booster organizations need to calendar their events to avoid overlapping events.

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You are responsible for your fund-raising activities.  Be sure they appropriately follow the State and District guidelines and do not compete with established school services (cafeteria, student store, etc.). 

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Schedule your event on the fund-raising calendar by completing the Ponderosa Fundraising Request form and submit it to Student Council and the Activities Director for approval.  Business meetings are each Thursday, so please plan ahead.  Turn in the form online.

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When making your final deposit into an ASB account for your approved event, turn in a completed Ponderosa Fundraising Revenue Potential/Recap form online.

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Student Council holds a business meeting each Thursday to review fund-raising requests.  A copy of the request with notification of approval or denial will be placed in the mailbox of the advisor/coach.  Approved fund-raisers will then be placed on the calendar.