To enroll a student you must provide the following at the time of registration

  1. Proof of Residence. Lease agreement or purchase agreement if you have lived in the home for less than one year. If you have lived in the home for more than one year, please provide two utility bills.
  2. Immunization Record (California State Law requires this and must be provided for attendance)
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of IEP if student is in Special Ed.

In Addition, if the student is a current high school student we need:

  1. A current transcript
  2. Exit grades from previous school (if enrolling during the school year)

Other Documents:

If you have a restraining order against any person, involving this student, please present this restraining order so that a copy can be placed in the student’s records.

Please provide a copy of any Custodial papers pertaining to your student at the time of registration.  We can only enforce parental rights with legal documentation.

Please provide a copy of foster placement or guardianship papers.

Students must be registered under their full legal name.

Registrar:       Melissa Burghardt

                        530-344-8826           Fax     530-676-1401   


Graduates of Ponderosa
Transcripts are to be requested in person or in writing along with a $2 fee for each transcript.
Required information:
  • Name as it appeared when you graduated (not your married name)
  • Year you graduated from Ponderosa
  • Specify official copy (sealed and signed) or unofficial copy
  • Address where transcript is to be sent
Current Students at Ponderosa
Come in and request a transcript in the Counseling Office from Mrs. Burghardt. 
During college application time, several students are requesting transcripts sent to multiple locations. Please allow sufficient time (48 hours) to process your request.


Please contact Mrs. Burghardt for assistance @ (530) 677-2281 X 2226 or