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  • 4 year plan
  • Plan Coursework Based on Student Interests
  • Personality Profile, Interest Inventory, Career Choices, College Search
  • 9th – 12th Grade



Welcome to the counseling office website at Ponderosa High School.  Counselors assist students and parents in making appropriate decisions relative to educational and vocational objectives, school programs, and relationships with teachers, administrators, and other pupils. There are four counselors at Ponderosa serving approximately 450 students each.

Counselors work with students to develop competencies in the areas of educational, personal, and vocational development. Through individual counseling and group presentations counselors help students select appropriate courses, plan for post-secondary education or training required to reach their career goal, and can assist students personal growth during a student's high school years.

All students are connected to a comprehensive system of support services, activities and opportunities at Ponderosa or within the community that can help them to achieve their goals.
We are available for appointments at your convenience. We hope that you find our website informational and easy to use. 

-Counseling Department





A - Fe Mrs. Katie Hunter

530-677-2281 ext 2229


Fi - La Mr. Jim Spratling ~ Director of Guidance

530-677-2281 ext 2227


     Le - Ro Mrs. Lisa Woods

530-677-2281 ext 2228


Ru - Z, EL Mrs. Keri Hanson

530-677-2281 ext 2269




Ms. Mindy Smith

530-677-2281 ext 2225



Mrs.Gaynor Driscoll

530-677-2281 ext 2226


College & Career Guidance Specialist

Mrs. Cammie Escobar

530-677-2281 ext 2224





—Parents and students can access grades through their Aeries accounts.  Progress, quarterly, and semester

grades can all be seen through the parent portal.  Once you have logged in, you will be able to locate your

student's report card by clicking the "Grades" tab at the top of the screen and selecting "Report Card History"

from the dropdown menu  For Aeries mobile users, please click on "Report Cards" at the bottom of the main

app screen.  Parents also have access to email their student's teachers when it comes to specific grades.



Ask the Teacher!!

Communication is key


Peer Tutoring

Ask for tutors by subject area

Approved by counselors

Paid position (going rate $12/hr)

College & Career Center (CCC)


Academic Recovery w/Teacher

By subject area

Each department holds different times

Before or after school

Help on homework

Make-up or Re-Do tests


By subject area

Each department holds different times

Before or after school

Help on homework

Make-up or Re-Do tests


Frequently Asked Freshman Questions

How to Create and Aeries Portal

Lockers —

  • Most students receive lockers —
  • If you didn’t get a locker, waiting list is in Counseling

—PE Clothes —

  • Purchase from PE teacher ($20) —

Lunch Account —

  • Can put money in account through MySchoolBucks
  • —Enter ID # in lunch line at check-out

—Bruin Clothes! —

  • Student Store & Booster booths at sporting events —

Bus Routes/Fares 

Free/Reduced Lunch —


Q: We have moved.  How do I change my address?
A:  Parent/Student must contact registrar, Ms. Driscoll @ ext 2226 with a new address.  Ms. Driscoll must verify that the student is still within the Ponderosa boundaries.
Q:  How do I know who my student's counselor is and how do I talk to them?
A:  Under the Counseling Staff tab, our counselors are divided by the student's first letter of their last name.  There are also links to their email in order to contact them.  The quickest way to communicate with your student's counselor is by email.  In order to make an appointment with a counselor, please contact the counseling secretary Ms. Smith either by email or using ext. 2225.  It is very difficult to have a walk-in appointment with a counselor, so please be sure to contact the secretary first or email your student's counselor.
Q:  My student wants to change their schedule.  How can they do that?
A:  There is a window of time when school begins and Spring semester begins where students have an opportunity to REQUEST a schedule change.  Forms will be available in the counseling office to fill out, obtain teacher AND parent signatures, turn in, and then wait for a response from the counselor.  Counselors will not accept emails and/or voicemail requests & appointments for schedule changes will NOT be made.  Please be patient with the process and counselors will communicate with the student as soon as they can.
Q:  What is the protocol for dropping a class?
A:  Counselors discourage students from dropping any class.  Students should speak with their teacher and their counselor before making that final decision  The deadline for dropping a class is 4 weeks from the start of the semester (both fall and spring).  The dropped class will not show up on a student's transcript.  If the student needs to replace the class they want to drop, they must consult with their counselor and receive teacher permission  If a student wants to drop a class after the 4 week deadline, the class will show up on their transcript with either an NC (no credit) or F mark.  This decision is up to the teacher.  The drop form is available once a student has met with the counselor.


Way to submit a work permit request:
Note: All three sections on pg. 2 of your work permit (minor’s information, parent signature, and employer information) must be complete before submitting your work permit.
  • Download the Request for Work Permit
  • Email option: Scan and email completed work permit to cescobar@eduhsd.k12.ca.us
  • Fax option: Fax completed work permit to the PHS Counseling Office at (530) 676-1401
We will complete your request and email the completed work permit form back to you for you to give to your employer.

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