Advisor:  Mrs. Teixeira (ext. 2217)
Club Description:  Gifted and Talented Education is a program designed for students with "gifted" abilities in academics and/or the arts.  GATE sponsors a variety of student activities and programs here at Ponderosa.
Here are several examples:
  • Advanced Placement Program
  • AP Testing
  • Academic Decathlon Team
  • Speech and Debate Team
  • Capitol Focus
  • Ashland Shakespeare Festival
  • Fine Line literary magazine
  • Other appropriate school programs
When/Where:  N/A

Requirements:  Students qualify for GATE by demonstrating high intelligence or high achievement as measured on an appropriate test.  Generally, PHS GATE students are identified by our feeder junior high schools.  We accept their recommendations of students for our program.  If a student has not been identified as a GATE student, but appears to have outstanding academic potential, he or she may be evaluated through referrals from parents, teachers, counselors, or the student.