CSF Officer Application

Ponderosa High School

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
Officer Application
CURRENT OFFICES: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations officer(s), and Point Recorder
A CSF Officer has many responsibilities. Be sure to read the list of duties and the qualifications of each office before deciding to run.
Name ___________________________________________________________________

Grade   9    10   11   12        Office Applying For ___________________________

Home Phone Number (______)________-______________

Parents Names ___________________________________________________

Are you a member of other Organizations on Campus?       Yes       No

If yes, which organization(s) and at what level of involvement?

Are you going out for a sport this semester?       Yes        No

How many hours a week are you willing to devote to this club? ______________

Why do you want to become a CSF officer?

CSF Cabinet (all officers) meetings will be held once a month. Attendance is mandatory. If you miss two meetings without notifying an advisor, you may be removed for your office.

An officer may be removed from his and her position if the Cabinet and an advisor determine that the officer is not fulfilling the duties of the office. This removal would be by a majority vote of the Cabinet.

I have read the CSF officer application form and the list of duties and qualifications of the office for which I am running and agree to fulfill the responsibilities of that office if I am elected.

STUDENT SIGNATURE ____________________________________________

DATE __________________