CSF (California Scholarship Federation)

Club Advisor:  Mrs. Hodson (ext. 2348) & Mrs. Hedegard (ext. 2266)
Club Description:  Honor's Society
When/Where:  3rd Wednesday of the month, Room H-11 or H-4.
Requirements:  Membership is determined by grades earned in academic classes. Points are given based on grades earned. An A = 3 points, B = 1 point, an A in an AP course is equal to 4 points, and a B in an AP course is equal to 2 points. Complete information is printed on the application that must be submitted each semester. Membership is not automatic, you must apply each semester.
Deadline:  CSF applications are due durings the first 3 weeks of each semester.   Applications are available on-line or in Room H-4, H-11, or on-line below.  Turn in completed applications to H-4 or H-11