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New Student Registration

Who can enroll a student?  |  Step 1 - Download, Print, and Complete the following forms:  |   Step 2 - Gather the following documents you must provide at time of enrollment:  | 
Step 3 - Fill out appropriate Course Selection Form
Counseling Office Gaynor Driscoll, Registrar
530.677.2281 OR  916.933.1777  |  ext. 2226

Who can enroll a student?Go To Top of Page

(Please call the Registrar to discuss any situations not listed below.)
  • Either parent listed on the birth certificate, if parents are married
  • Parent with physical custody per court document
  • Court appointed guardian
  • Verified foster parent
  • Host family for an approved foreign exchange student
  • Student over 18 years old may register self

Step 1 - Download, Print, and Complete the following forms:Go To Top of Page

(Some forms are on-line typeable in Word format):

Step 2 - Gather the following documents you must provide at time of enrollment:Go To Top of Page

  • Proof of residence -- choose from the following: Mortgage statement, property tax bill, federal tax return, rental or lease agreement
  • Second proof of residence -- choose from the following:  current utility bill or driver's license
  • Immunization Record  -- California state law requires this.  No exceptions!
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of last report card
  • Copy of STAR test scores -- latest, if available
  • Current transcript -- does not apply to incoming 9th grade students
  • Checkout Form from previous school showing withdrawal grades -- if enrolling during the school year
  • If Applicable, approved Intra- or Inter- District paperwork
  • If student is in Special Education, copy of the most recent IEP
  • If student is not residing with parent/legal guardian, parent authorization letter to enroll
  • Important!  Any information with court documentation indicating custody arrangements, restraining order, no contact/limited contact with non-custodial parent/grandparent, etc., should also be presented at the meeting.

Step 3 - Fill out appropriate Course Selection Form
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PLEASE NOTE: Due to school closure no appointments are currently being made.  All paperwork must be sent to the Registrar: 
Email all of the above documents to: gdriscoll@eduhsd.net
If email is not available all documents can be mailed to:
  Ponderosa High School
  ATTN: Registrar
  3661 Ponderosa Road
  Shingle Springs, CA 95682
We will call you to confirm that we have received all of the registration paperwork required.